Do you know when to seek a physiotherapist?

09.22.19 Do you know when to seek a physiotherapist?
Do you know when to seek a physiotherapist?

Alyson Schwichtenberg, BSc. KIN (Hons), MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist

Do you know when to seek a physiotherapist?

When experiencing pain or discomfort many people wait weeks or months before booking an appointment with a physiotherapist. Many people hope that the pain will eventually diminish with time or rest. However, this does not usually happen. Seeing a physiotherapist when the pain first starts can help ensure a more timely recovery and return to your everyday activities.


Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is not as it should be; therefore, listening to this warning is important. You may cause your condition to worsen by postponing physiotherapy, further delaying your return to pain free activities.


To prevent you from waiting too long to book a physiotherapy assessment, here is a list of signs that you would benefit from an appointment:

– If your pain is constant

– If your pain has not improved since the initial onset

– If your pain is brought on by a specific action or activity

– If your pain is affecting your ability to function


Though pain is often the reason people seek physiotherapy, pain is not the only thing a physiotherapist can help with. Physiotherapists can also help prevent injuries, increase mobility, and restore proper functioning.


What to expect during your physiotherapy assessment and treatments


At The Massage Clinic Health Centres, your initial physiotherapy assessment is a 45-minute appointment. During this time I will take a verbal history of your symptoms, then conduct a thorough physical exam. The session will likely conclude with a discussion about your diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan, and demonstration of your home exercises.


Physiotherapy follow-up appointments at The Massage Clinic Health Centres are likely different than what you may have experienced at other clinics. Most treatment sessions are 30 minutes, and that entire time is spent with myself, the physiotherapist. This is unlike many other clinics, where you see the physiotherapist for a short amount of time and then are treated by an assistant or hooked-up to machines. This style of treatment allows me to change my course of treatment during a session depending on how you are responding, which helps promote better outcomes.


If you are interested in learning more on how a physiotherapist can help get you back to pain-free living, book an initial physiotherapy assessment at The Massage Clinic Health Centres today.


Alyson Schwichtenberg, BSc. KIN (Hons), MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist