Don’t leave your benefits behind!


It’s that crazy time of year again! The Holidays are a tough time of year with all the demands on our schedules and trying to check off everything on your list. Even with this busy period, it is important to not put your health on the back burner. Why let the low back or neck pain get worse, or prolong the question in the back of your head that maybe it is time to check in with your naturopath? Do yourself a favour and take a look at your benefits package! We all work hard for our money, and many are fortunate to have health plans that come from that hard work. It’s time to take advantage of your benefit package, and do something kind for yourself.

Start booking your appointments now until the end of the year to help decrease stress and to add more benefit to your treatments. Booking your appointments in advance allows for you and your therapist to stay on track with your treatment plan. Each client’s treatment plan is different, and allows the practioner and client to make positive changes happen by having purpose, focus and direction. These plans also empower you to take charge of your own health care progress! It is important to remember that prevention is always better than a cure, and to try and make continuous progress even if you aren’t having regular flare ups or pain episodes. The best way to stay on track with your plan, and to ensure you get a time that works for your appointment frequency and schedule, is too book in advance.

Understand what you are entitled to through your health benefits plan. If you aren’t sure what your coverage is, or what you have left, our reception team is able to call your insurance company for you during your appointment to find out! Book an appointment today to help this season be joyful, and stress free.