Back Pain – Chiropractic And Massage Therapy


Chiropractic and massage therapy are not contrasting practices; they are complementary in helping patients along the road to recovery and wellness. Chiropractors and massage therapists at The Massage Clinic Health Centre often work together to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Many say that the results are much better with chiropractic and massage therapy together, than with either one alone.

Relieve Back Pain with Massage Therapy

Back pain and neck pain are the most common reasons people seek treatment from a massage therapist. Massage therapy relieves back pain by undoing painful muscle spasms, reduces knots and trigger points, increasing circulation of lymphatic system to flush out waste products that have built up in tissues and reduce inflammation, softening and breaking up scar tissue and adhesions (many old back injuries leave scar tissue that can contract and cause back pain).

Massage therapy also promotes relaxation, lowers blood pressure levels, lowers stress hormone levels, and reduces anxiety and depression and pain perception. This makes massage therapy a good choice of treatment for chronic back pain, breaking the vicious cycle of pain producing tension.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain Relief


There is evidence that chiropractic relieves many types of back pain, lower back pain in particular, and help restore normal range of motion. Spinal manipulations help take stress off surrounding tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments to relieve back pain and restore normal functioning.

Chiropractors correct subluxation (joint misalignment)  by manipulation of the vertebrae (and sometimes other areas of the body) which is called an “adjustment”.

Spinal adjustments are usually done manually, the chiropractor using their hands to apply pressure to the spine to allow the vertebrae into proper alignment. Chiropractors usually massage and stretch muscles before doing an adjustment and sometimes even use other modalities such as deep laser therapy. This allows the vertebrae to be more easily manipulated. Chiropractors also give advice on ergonomics, exercise and proper body mechanics to prevent back pain.


CHIROPRACTIC Treatment and MASSAGE THERAPY go and in hand for back pain relief


Chiropractors often work with massage therapists in treating back pain. Tight, tense muscles can pull the vertebrae out of alignment. A massage before a chiropractic treatment will help the body respond to the care given and decrease any post-treatment soreness

Once the chiropractor has made an adjustment to the spine, stretching the muscles can help keep the adjustment in place. It is also difficult for the chiropractor to perform an adjustment on a person who has tense back muscles. A multi-treatment approach to relieving back pain has often had the best success rate.