Chiro Vs. Osteo



Ever wonder what the difference is between Chiro and Osteo?

Without a doubt, osteopaths and chiropractors have many similarities due to their related origins.

????Both disciplines believe that the body is able to heal when the structures are aligned. They provide hands-on treatment that works to release tension in joints, muscles, nerves and fascia in order to promote healing.

The assessment and approach, however are different.

????Chiros assess and treat primarily with muscles and joints of the body with their core emphasis on the spine and skeleton. They may incorporate other tools like activators and instruments into treatment aswell.

????Chiros are well known for their audible ‘cracking’ sound of spinal joints during their adjustments.

???? Osteos, on the other hand, use a more holistic approach including visceral, lymph and fluid dynamics into the picture. This allows Osteopaths to pay attention to the multiple systems of the body collectively.

????Osteopaths generally utilize a wider range of manual techniques and rely solely on their palpations to assess and treat the body. These techniques do not involve any ‘cracking’ sounds when working with the tissues.

????Both disciplines have the same desire for you in achieving your health and wellness goals.

‼️Not one profession is better than another, you just need to find out WHAT and WHO works best for YOU ????