Umbrella Breathing


Breathing is something we do all day long, rarely even noticing and usually without giving it any thought.

However when we do pay attention, even for just a few moments, watching and exploring our breath, we receive countless benefits including a sense of calm, improved energy and clarity of mind. Try “Umbrella Breathing” instead of “Belly Breathing”

Belly Breathing (aka Diaphragmatic Breathing) is a common exercise to promote proper movement of your diaphragm as you breathe, helping to regulate intra-abdominal pressure, which protects the spine during balancing and loading tasks.

However, focusing solely on protruding your abdomen as you inhale, as people often do with this exercise, may mean you are not expanding your ribs outwards at the same time.

Umbrella Breathing
To ensure your diaphragm is moving properly in all directions as you inhale, try imagining your diaphragm is expanding like an umbrella. 

To start out, try doing this while lying on your back, as this is often the easiest position for breathing exercises.
Alyson Schwichtenberg
Registered Physiotherapist